2021 NFL Divisional Power Rankings: NFC West flexes muscle as No. 1; Eagles, Cowboys catapult NFC East

The first week of the NFL season is the perfect time of year for a sharp reaction. V Buffalo Bills and Baltimore crows suffered a crushing defeat at the start of the weekend, while Houston texans rank first in their division. Will these results turn out to be meaningless?

None of the wins and losses in the first week are indicative of how the team will perform in the coming season, but it’s fair to wonder if teams will carry over their first week successes and failures for weeks or even an entire year. It’s the same with division.

What we thought we knew about the eight divisions in Nfl at the start of the year – well, the first week gave us a sharp turn. In our first release of the NFL division rankings for the 2021 regular season, we’re pretty sure we have an idea of ​​the league’s hierarchy.

That is … at least until next week.

8. NFC North

This division for a year was carried out Green Bay Packersrunner-up in conference in consecutive seasons. 1st week Aaron Rogers he had the fourth-worst game of his career in terms of passing rating (36.8) as Green Bay was only able to score three points on a 38-3 loss to New Orleans Saints… Not a big day for the heavyweights of the division.

V Chicago Bears were confused Los angeles rams in “Sunday Night Football” and keep using Andy Dalton as their starting guard. V Minnesota Vikings lost Cincinnati Bengals, a team that has won just six games in the past two seasons.

V Detroit Lions arguably had the best performance in the division, rallying in the fourth quarter against San Francisco 49ers before falling 41-33 – and be able to equalize with less than two minutes left. However, Detroit lagged 41-17 from 9:53 to the end of the game before the 49ers took their foot off the gas pedal.

Each team in the division lost at least 27 points, and Detroit was the only team to score over 24. The division lost 130–70 points. NFC North is the first division to finish 0-4 in the first week after AFC North in 2013. In the first week, it is the worst division in football.

7. AFC South

Let’s applaud the Houston Texans for sitting alone at the top of this division after their first week. Unfortunately, this is not a very good indicator of how this division as a whole has done well. V Jaguars have lost 16 games in a row, including Sunday’s defeat to arguably the worst squad in the NFL against Houston. Jacksonville has lost 24 points or more in 16 straight games – the longest streak in NFL history – and is down 37 points. Tyrode Taylor and Houston.

V Indianapolis Colts I may have had a worse day than the Jaguars when they were blown away Seattle Seahawks at home. Carson Wentz failed again on a losing streak (his 20 rallies since the start of the 2020 season is the most in the NFL) and the defense could only get Russell Wilson throw five flaws.

Tennessee was kicked out of the building Arizona Cardinals — at home. They had only 248 yards of attack and made three interceptions, while the attack line allowed six bags (five to Chandler Jones). Every team in the division scored 28 points or more, with the exception of the Texans — and they played the Jaguars.

If it weren’t for the Texans, this division would have had an awkward first week for everyone.

6. NFC East

Thanks to Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas cowboys, this division is not the worst in football. Cowboys lost to defenders Super Cup champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but Duck Prescott threw 403 yards and three touchdowns and the defense called for four assists. Dallas probably shouldn’t have lost this game, as the Cowboys were the first team since the St. Louis Rams in 1996 to hit 450 yards and four away coups and lost.

The Eagles were the only winners in the division, beating Atlanta Falcons by 26 points. The Philadelphia defense kept Atlanta 113 yards away in their last nine possessions, allowing just 3.05 yards per game. Jalen Hurts was superb and the Eagles dived 173 yards behind a healthy offensive line.

Washington lost Ryan Fitzpatrick hurt, but still make courageous efforts against Los angeles chargers lost 20-16 – despite Rushon Slater dominating the football team’s furious passing. V Giants looked like the worst team in the division since Daniel Jones there was another decisive failure, and the defense allowed Teddy Bridgewater and Denver Broncos accumulate 420 attack yards.

NFC East has improved over last year, but still can’t beat teams from outside the division.

5. AFC Vostok

V Miami Dolphins sit at the top of that division, earning a huge away win at Foxboro over New England Patriots… Two decisive penalties in New England cost the Patriots at the start of the match, the last one – Damien Harris the Dolphins line is 9 yards, one point behind from 3:31 to play. Mac Jones they had a good opening, a 281 yard throw and a touchdown – and the Patriots kept the dolphins 259 yards away from the attack.

The Dolphins are arguably the best defenders in the division, forcing two Patriots to fish and keeping New England just 1 in 4 in the red zone. Tua Tagovailoa and the running game needs to be improved, but either way it’s a tough challenge against New England. The Dolphins continued to take a decisive away win over the team that has owned AFC East since the divisions were rearranged in 2002.

No need to panic about losing bills Pittsburgh Steelers at home but Josh Allen throwing the ball 51 times is not ideal. Buffalo scored just 16 points and finished 1 of 4 in the red zone. However, the Bills is still one of the best teams in the AFC.

V Jets are recovering and were not expected to surpass Carolina Panthers… Zach Wilson played a solid game despite a non-existent fast attack and a losing line of attack. Mechs Beckton for 4-6 weeks.

AFC East has a lot of talented young quarterbacks and are going to beat each other within a year. Bills defeating the Steelers would have lifted them up the rankings.

4. NFC South

Suddenly, this split looks much better than it did a week ago, thanks to the New Orleans Saints. Jamis Winston threw on five touchdowns as the Saints dominated the Green Bay Packers at a makeshift home in Jacksonville. The win was a statement for New Orleans, who gave just three points and 229 yards to the current league MVP and one of the NFL’s top offenses. In the end, the Saints can challenge the Tampa Bay Pirates for the supremacy of the division.

The pirates still have Tom Brady and all 22 players in the starting lineup returned from their Super Bowl Championship squad. Dallas gave Tampa Bay their best shot, but Brady rallied the Pirates to victory. Carolina Panthers is a much better team with Christian McCaffrey returned and took a tough victory over the young Jets team. Whether they will be able to compete in the division remains to be seen.

The Atlanta Falcons had a disastrous game against the Eagles with just six points. Matt Ryan got nine hits. Arthur Smith had an annoying debut as Atlanta could be one of the worst teams in the NFL.

Tampa Bay and New Orleans can carry this division, but Carolina and Atlanta should be better.

3. AFK “North”

Impressive results for this division in Week 1. Cleveland Browns the referee decided to proceed to the 12th round of the heavyweight fight against Kansas City Chiefsbut a bad punt and Baker Mayfield intercepting a bad decision two minutes before the game deprived Cleveland of the chance to cope with the frustration.

The Pittsburgh Steelers won an impressive victory at Buffalo, forcing the Bills to commit many mistakes and holding one of the best offenses in the league to 16 points. Special teams were also impressive in the win as Ulysses Gilbert’s blocked pant led to the decisive score. Cleveland and Pittsburgh seem to be the favorites in this talented division.

Cincinnati earned a huge overtime win over Minnesota as Joe Burrow the return provoked an attack by the Bengals. The Bengals could play a spoiler in the division if Burrow stays healthy all 17 games. Injuries hurt the Baltimore crows, but their defense missed the opportunity to clean up Las Vegas Raidersallowing you to score a field goal and win the game in overtime. Lamar Jackson the two fumbles were costly, but Baltimore still has to be a factor in the race for separation.

If the Ravens have defeated the Raiders, this division will move up one position.

2. AFK “West”

AFC West does not have to be owned by the Kansas City Chiefs, five-time division champions. Kansas City is the top team in the division with a superb comeback win over a very good Browns team. In the last 11 games, the senior teams are leading 9-2, losing double-digit numbers, all supported by a defender. Patrick Mahomes

The Los Angeles Chargers won a huge away win over Washington, DC with 424 yards offensive against the talented WFT defense. Los Angeles lost 14 of 19 and lost third against reigning NFC East champions as the Chargers won their fifth straight game. The Denver Broncos also picked the NFC East team, embarrassing the New York Giants’ defense, rushing 165 yards and 5.9 yards per carry. Denver also held New York for 314 yards, 64 of which came in the last possession as the game spiraled out of control.

Vegas earned a great comeback win over Baltimore, a game in which the Raiders looked like they were about to lose in the first half. David Carr brought the Raiders back twice in the fourth quarter and after extra time, giving AFC West a perfect first week record.

Let’s see how the next week ends, but this year the chief may have problems for the division. From top to bottom, AFC West is one of the deepest divisions in the NFL.

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1. NFC West

Let’s talk about the division that demonstrated its strength in the first week. Each team at NFC West won, and the division outnumbered its rivals by a score of 141–76. Three of the four games were double-digit winners – and in game four, the San Francisco 49ers added 24 points in the fourth quarter before the Lions made a furious comeback.

The Arizona Cardinals got four passes and a quick landing from Kyler Murray in a rampant victory over Tennessee. The team that was supposed to finish last in the division destroyed the reigning champions AFC South. Seattle Seahawks did the same with another contender for the AFC Southern, as Russell Wilson threw four touchdowns in the Indianapolis defeat.

Los Angeles Rams Unleashed Matthew Stafford and their attack on bears. Stafford’s passing rating of 156.1 is the highest (20 tries minimum) of any player in NFL history since their debut with a new team. Los Angeles holds Chicago with just 14 points and 0 out of 4 for a fourth loss.

San Francisco dominated Detroit despite losing Raheem Mostert for a year and not even showing Brandon Ayuk due to hamstring injury. 49ers corner-back situation – problem with Jason Verrett suffers from a ruptured cruciate ligament, but the offensive line allowed the least pressure in the first week, and the defensive line created the most pressure.

After a week of football, we still don’t know who to beat at NFC West. The mystery may have gotten a lot more complicated after this week of gaming, which showcases the power of NFC West.

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