6 Amazing iPhone Tips & Tricks You Should Know

We have some iPhone tips that you won’t know if you use them. There are many iPhone tips and tricks that will make your life simpler. These tips and tricks come as a default feature and can be used to hide high-quality camera sensors or security. We are going to tell you 10 iPhone tricks and tips that will be very helpful.

6 Amazing iPhone Tips & Tricks

iPhone tips and tricks

1. Camera Focus Trick:

While everyone can take photos with iPhones, not everyone is able to focus on them. To make your subject sharp, all you have to do is tap the screen once. You will see an “AF/AE locked” box appears if you hold the button. This means your focus and exposure will not change, and you can click your photos using preset settings.

Can you click photos and record videos simultaneously? Many times, we don’t know if we need to take photos or videos. Both can be done together if you wish. While recording a video on your iPhone, you can also click the shutter icon beside the video button to take a picture.

One button allows you to call. Tap the green phone icon on your iPhone’s keypad. It will automatically dial the number that you have just called. It’s very simple.

2. Hide apps:

Many people don’t like having a home screen filled with apps. These apps are often not used by many people. Simply tap on the app, click on Remove App, and then choose ‘Move To App Library’.

3. Teach Siri:

Siri can sometimes mispronounce a word. Don’t be anxious, Siri will learn if you teach her. Siri will ask you how to pronounce it, and you will then be able to tell Siri.

Voice commands allow users to click photos. Users can also use voice commands to click photos from their iPhones. To activate Voice Control, go to Settings. Next, ask Siri to click a picture to open the camera. You will need to click the snap button.

4. Timer for Music:

Many people listen to music while they sleep. But does that mean your music will continue playing after you go to bed? We will tell you how to do that. First, go to the timer. Next, go to ‘when it ends’. Next, select the “Stop Play” option to limit the amount of music that your phone can play. The music will stop when the timer expires.

5. You Can Delete Text By Shaking Your iPhone:

By shaking your iPhone, you can erase the error by clicking on “undo typing”. You can also restart typing. To delete text, you can use 3 finger swipes left.

Captions can be added to saved photos and videos. By swiping up photos or videos, you can add captions. You can also search for it using a search.

6. Replace Safari on iPhone:

Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser can be used to replace the default Safari browser. To do this, go to Settings and click on the default browser. Next, click on the setting for your favourite browser to set it as default.

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