Dan Marino turns 60: A look at the Hall of Fame QB’s five greatest moments during his Dolphins career

Peyton Manning took a seat in the front row on October 10, 1999. Colts protector, Manning watched as the idol of his childhood, Dolphins Quarterback Dan Marino designed a classic comeback that ended with a winning touchdown pass with 30 seconds remaining. Marino enjoyed the vintage performance, which was one of the last memorable moments of his iconic career.

The sixth quarterback to be drafted in 1983, Marino retired after the 1999 season. Nflthe best passer. His fast-acting and cannon-like right hand has produced over 61,000 passing yards and 420 touchdown passes. A five-time league passing champion, Marino is considered by many to be the greatest passer in league history. His 1984 campaign is one of the brightest seasons in league history. The most valuable player in the league that season, Marino set the then league record of 5,084 yards and 48 touchdowns.

In celebration of his 60th birthday, here are five of Marino’s greatest moments in his 17 years as a Dolphin protector.

5. Marino surpasses Bledsoe to start the Comeback Player of the Year season.

Marino dispelled any doubts that he was still an elite player in the first week of the 1994 season. Having missed the last 11 games of the 1993 season after ripping his Achilles, Marino threw 473 yards and five touchdowns, leading the Dolphins to a 39-35 win over their opponents. Patriots… Marino made three second-half touchdown passes to Irving Frayar, which included the winning score. In one of the most exciting debuts of the season in league history, Marino and Patriots defender Drew Bledsoe managed to shoot 894 yards and nine touchdowns. Marino was named Player of the Year this season when the Dolphins won the AFC Eastern Division title.

4. Marino tames the legendary 1985. The Bears protection

Buddy Ryan’s famous “46” defense caused serious damage to the NFL in 1985. The only quarterback to have any success against Ryan’s squad that season was Marino, who landed three hits on Chicago’s defense in front of a Monday Night Football audience on December 2. 1985. Marino’s success that evening led Miami to a 38-24 win over the Bears and prevented Chicago from joining Dolphins 72 as the only undefeated NFL team. The quick release of Mario was one of the reasons for his success against the vicious passing of Chicago that terrorized the league on the way to the victory over the franchise. Super Cup title.

3. Fake thorn

During his career, Marino had 47 winning matches. But the most famous of them took place at the end of the 1994 season. Following the Jets with less than 30 seconds left, everyone assumed that Marino would hit the ball to stop the clock. But instead of hitting the ball, Marino hit Mark Ingram for a winning game, pass with a touchdown 8 yards. The score ended with an incredible return for the Dolphins with a 24-6 deficit. Each of Marino’s four touchdowns that day went to Ingram, including three in the fourth quarter alone. Marino finished 359 yards on 31 of 44 assists.

2. 1984 AFC Championship Match

A special feature of the first game of the AFC Marino championship was the fact that it was played against his children’s team: Pittsburgh Steelers… Pittsburgh were one of 26 teams to lose to Marino in the ’83 draft despite questions from the quarterback. On January 6, 1985, Marino showed the Steelers what they were missing. In a game that remains the most prolific in AFC championship history, Marino threw 421 yards and four touchdowns, leading the Dolphins to a 45-28 win. And although they lost to Joe Montana and 49ers in Super Bowl XIX, Marino’s 318 passing yards equaled the second highest ever in Super Bowl history.

1. 1984 regular season.

As mentioned above, the 1984 Marino season is one of the greatest single-season results in league history. His 48 touchdown assists this season beat George Bland’s previous record of 36 touchdowns in the AFL in 1961. Aaron Rogers… The only quarterbacks to hit more touchdowns in a season is Manning, who holds the record with 55 in 2013. Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes… Since then, only seven defenders have joined Marino on the 5,000-yard bystander list. Closest to walking 5,000 yards before Marino took first Charging device quarterback Dan Fouts, who threw 4,802 yards three years ago.

That season, Marino developed a historic rapport with Clayton and Duoper, who managed to catch 144 passes for 2,695 yards and 26 touchdowns. The trio will continue to amass numbers together for most of the decade as Duper and Clayton remain leaders in the franchise’s careers.

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