Fantasy Football Dynasty Wide Receiver Rankings: Brandon Aiyuk and Deebo Samuel trend in different directions

As a general rule, week 1 shouldn’t have a big impact on the Dynasty rating. Of course, the predictions for 2021 for Jerru Judy and Michael Gallup suffered greatly, which lowered their value. And I raised my forecast for 2021 by Amari Cooper, Ceedee lamb, Courtland Sutton, Kj hamler, and Tim Patrick, which led to a slight increase in their value in the dynasty. Except for injury, there shouldn’t be much price fluctuation.

Except for San Francisco.

Brandon Ayuk was designed by most as the # 1 wide-angle receiver for 49ers this season. In the first week, he only touched the ball on the return of the punt. Instead of, Dibo Samuel caught nine of 12 targets at 189 yards and scored. Considering I had Ayuk in the WR20 at Dynasty and Samuel in the WR43 this year, an adjustment was definitely necessary.

As you will see below, the two are much closer, but Ayuk is still ranked higher. After the first week, this will probably sound odd, or at least deserve an explanation.

For starters, Ayuk is a 23-year-old former first-round player who averaged 68.7 yards per game and scored five touchdowns in his rookie season. Samuel, two years older, was selected for the next round, averaging 62.6 yards per game in his first two seasons, and a touchdown he scored on Sunday was his fifth touchdown in 23 career games.

Until Sunday, I would tell you that Ayuk was the best candidate who performed better in Nfland was the only one of the pair to have a profile that suggested he might one day be the # 1 wide receiver. Does one game change that much? Well, that changes something. The difference between them has basically been cut in half. If week 2 repeats week 1, I would put Samuel ahead of Ayuk. It seems unlikely, but no one could have predicted what we saw in San Francisco in the first week.

The only valid advice I have is that I would make a low price offer to buy at Dynasty for Ayuk. I’m not entirely sure I can sell Samuel for a high price.

Here’s my updated ranking of Dynasty receivers:

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