GTA 6 Map Leak: Massive Section Revealed on Reddit Leaves Gamers Astonished by its Immense Size

GTA 6 Leak Update: In recent weeks, a multitude of rumors have been circulating regarding various aspects of GTA 6, including its potential release date, storyline, gameplay features, and more. Notably, an account named “GTA 6 News” recently divulged information about the game’s purported storage size, suggesting an astonishing 750GB requirement for both PC and consoles. While the credibility of this claim remains uncertain, it does provide a glimpse into the monumental scope of the game, with some sources suggesting it could offer a staggering 400 hours of gameplay. Adding to the intrigue, a new leak has emerged, allegedly revealing a segment of the GTA 6 map.

GTA 6 Map Leak Update

gta 6 map leak

Following the significant GTA leak in February of the previous year, numerous speculations have arisen regarding the game, including a purported revelation of the game’s setting. According to reports, Rockstar is anticipated to return the game to Vice City, their fictional version of Miami. In accordance with a report by Bloomberg, the project is tentatively named “Project Americas,” suggesting it may encompass cities inspired by both North and South America.

Not long ago, there was a fresh leak on Reddit unveiling a fragment of GTA 6’s expansive open-world map. In a post that has since been removed by Reddit’s legal team, sharp-eyed Redditors noticed a character positioned within a factory environment, with houses, streets, and the countryside visible in the backdrop. Additionally, users keenly observed the vast expanse of the map extending into the distance. According to reports, the leaked image merely revealed a small segment of GTA 6’s map, hinting at the possibility that the complete game map could be immensely vast.

A user pointed out that the location depicted in the image appears to be inspired by the Sebring raceway. If this observation proves accurate, it opens up the exciting possibility of racing playing a significant role in the game.

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What’s intriguing is that there have been rumors suggesting a departure from the previous entries, where players were confined to a single expansive map for the duration of the gameplay. Instead, Rockstar is rumored to be continually expanding the Vice City map, introducing fresh areas periodically, along with new missions and additional side activities.

GTA 6 Release Date Speculation: When Might Rockstar’s Follow-up to GTA 5 Hit the Market?

Following a gameplay leak last year, Rockstar officially released a statement confirming their active development of the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series. They stated, “With each new project we undertake, our aim is consistently to surpass our previous achievements, and we are delighted to confirm that progress on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto sequel is well in progress.”

Recently, an audio clip featuring Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick surfaced on X (formerly Twitter), suggesting that October 24, 2024, could potentially be the release date for GTA 6. This post has since been removed. While the authenticity of the audio clip remains unverified, the purported date aligns with earlier leaks.

Therefore, if these reports prove accurate, we may anticipate the release of GTA 6 on October 24, 2024.

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