Lakers to work out former Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried, per report

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V Los angeles lakers players are everywhere looking to fill their last spots in the squad. Big names like Isaiah Thomas and Darren Collison have already worked for them, and now, according to Athletic’s Jovan Buch, we can add another outstanding name to the list: former Denver Nuggets striker Kenneth Farid. It is reported that this week he will train for the Lakers.

At first glance, Faried is a somewhat odd candidate for a Lakers position. He didn’t play Nba from 2019 and after a fairly successful run in China last month, he became disillusioned with the Portland Summer League team in Las Vegas. At 31, Faried doesn’t have the athleticism he had at his peak when he was one of the NBA’s top energy big men.

But even at the height of his career, Faried did not quite meet the needs of the Lakers. With Dwight Howard and DeAndre Jordan On the spot, the Lakers have many big players who can bounce and catch hits. They need shooting. Faried has scored just 10 three-pointers in his entire NBA career. Yes, the Lakers have limited attack depth, but using an excess skill set will not benefit them. As much as they highlight their previous bench-building successes, Faried simply doesn’t fit this team.

But the Lakers have only 13 signed on. They are reportedly planning to open the season from 14 in the squad, and the training camp squads could increase to 20. Bringing Faried in as an additional gathering body may not be the worst deal, especially if his energies are transferred to teammates. If the Lakers decide not to sign the 14th player to the guaranteed deal and instead allow those invited to the training camp to fight for a spot, it won’t hurt that there is a wide variety of player archetypes in the building. Competition is rarely bad.

But in the end, flank depth is badly needed for a team that has lost much of its perimeter defense this offseason. Free agents like James Ennis and Wesley Matthews are the most likely targets for GM Rob Pelink. However, there is nothing wrong with due diligence, and for now, the Lakers continue to cast a wide net in search of depth.

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