Manchester United’s Lee Grant says Cristiano Ronaldo’s clean diet guilted the club out of eating dessert

Manchester United are not just the five-time Ballon d’Or Cristiano Ronaldo, who has scored two goals against Newcastle in his game. September 11 return to the club… There is also an unofficial nutritionist.

Goalkeeper Lee Grant told TalkSPORT thatAfter eating a plate of healthy food on the eve of the Newcastle match, Ronaldo and his United teammates were unable to bring themselves to eat the desserts that were usually prepared for them after Friday dinner.

“I’m telling you now, not a single player touched the apple crumbs and custard, not a player came up to that cake because everyone sat down and one of the guys asked me,“ What’s on Cristiano’s plate? “” Grant said. “So we had a bit of a silly look at what he has and obviously this is the cleanest and healthiest plate you can imagine. And I was just shocked that no player dared to get up and eat that junk food that was covered. from. “

In accordance with The sunRonaldo eats six times a day, with fish being his most abundant protein. Ronaldo also calls chicken “magic” because it is high in protein and low in fat. Giorgio Barone, Ronaldo’s former personal chef, said the 36-year-old maintains his lean physique as he ages by consuming organic, natural foods and a mindset of looking at his body like he is “looking at a Ferrari.”

Although Ronaldo’s adherence to his diet was an integral part of his formation. best international scorer of all timeManchester United coach Gunnar Solskjaer spilled cold water on him for being as powerful as Grant pointed out.

“This is obviously a joke from Granty in the setting with some comrades, it does not mean that we ate junk food before his arrival, and he changed everything,” Solskjaer told The Sun. “But it is obvious that he has proven how to take care of himself.”

Ronaldo’s mindset of seeing himself as a Ferrari works wonders for himself and for Manchester United. At Newcastle, he became United’s oldest player since 2013 to score a Premier League goal, and he set that record with an exclamation point by scoring two. Ronaldo then scored United’s only goal against the Young Boys in the Champions League.

What Ronaldo lacks in apple crumbs and cakes, he more than makes up for in goals and personal success. Solskjaer surely won’t be disappointed if the Portuguese’s diet affects his team.

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