MLB trends: How Blake Snell turned his season around; Brewers’ dominant rotation more than three deep

MLB’s 2021 regular season has less than three weeks left, and the postseason race is harder than it looked most of the summer. Hurray for this. More than half of the league is now within three games of the postseason spot.

Our weekly streak of league trends continues with an overview of the opposition rotation, the season-changing pitcher and one club’s terrible defense. Last week we thwarted a deliberate jam, a good year for Jorge Polanco and an unlikely MLB hit from the field leader.

Excellent Milwaukee rotation defender

V Brewers everyone but Castle to win NL Central for now, and they’ll be a tough contender in the postseason. Their top three (Corbin Burns, Freddy Peralta, Brandon Woodruff) are as good as any top 3 in the game and their bullpen is deep and brutal. They also have a proven management genius pulling the strings in Craig Consell.

One must not lose sight of the strong work that Milwaukee has received through its rotation. Burns, Peralta and Woodruff are headliners, but back-end starters Brett Anderson, Adrian Hauser, and Eric Lauer were also dynamite. Check it out:

Brett Anderson

88 1/3








Adrian Hauser

127 1/3








Eric Lauer

101 2/3








Anderson, Hauser, Lauer combined

317 1/3








Average NL for SP








Anderson, Hauser and Lauer collectively were better than the league average (Hauser and Lauer are much better), especially in limiting home runs and keeping the ball on the ground. Lauer has been so good in the past few weeks (no more than one allowed in eight of his last 11 starts) that it’s safe to assume he’ll get the No. 4 starter title in October.

“Every time he takes the ball, we feel like we have a chance to win,” Christian Jelich told reporters, including Adam McCalvey of MLB.comafter Lauer threw seven innings without a lockout against Phyllis last week.

The downside of the rotation was so good (and the divisional lead is so strong) that the Brewers were able to relax this summer with the top three starting lineup. Burns, Peralta and Woodruff started 76 games and only eight to eight! – came to a normal rest. Milwaukee are constantly giving their starters extra rest. Nobody was overworked.

Here are the leaders at the start with five or more rest days ahead of Tuesday’s games:

  1. Pirates: 132
  2. Angels: 130
  3. Brewers: 123
  4. Sailors: 118
  5. Twins: 100

V Beams are the next undoubtedly postseason team with 99 starts, with at least five days off. The gap between the brewers and the next undoubtedly postseason club is huge. Having such a strong back end of rotation is a huge advantage and a luxury. This gave the brewers a big advantage in the division, as well as plenty of opportunities to rest their horses in October.

“Our success has come from all of our pitching staff,” Consul said to McCalvey… “These guys take the ball as many times as Brandon, Corbin and Freddie. It is important. They make good games, they go deep into games. This obviously means a lot. , most importantly, zeros. This leads to victories. ”

Snell’s Adjusted Approach


The season doesn’t add up Padres expected. San Diego has invested heavily in its rotation this offseason, both in terms of dollars and sold prospects, and yet here it is, September running. Jake Arrieta there and going to the bullpen game, it seems, every other day. The Padres compete for second place after the pre-season World Series competition.

Blake Snell was one of the club’s top offseason rotations, and earlier this year he missed his side of the deal. He had a 5.44 ERA on Aug 1 and averaged just 4.4 innings per start. Snell was free of Tampa’s short leashes and he still couldn’t get deep into the game. Only eight times out of those 19 starts, he completed even five innings.

Since August 1, however, Snell has been one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball. Apart from his start last weekend, which he left after 11 pitches with a groin problemSnell has allowed nine runs in his last seven starts, completing five innings in all of them and seven innings in four of them. Four of his 18 career seven innings have started in the past month.

“He’s at an incredible height right now,” Padres manager Jace Tingler told reporters. including Jeff Sanders from San Diego Union Tribuneafter Snell dealt with the Angels last week. “During the whole year he had some dominant results, but now he is at a very good level. Tonight was as harsh as we’ve seen it all year. To get the perfect game to seventh place, he’s on a great run. “

Snell is a former Cy Young winner, so a dominant seven-pitch field is not the most amazing thing in the world. It is noteworthy, however, that Snell adjusted his plan of attack. In particular, he has tightened up his arsenal and has relied heavily on his fastball and slider for the past month or so. He put his curve and replacement on the back burner.

Blake Snell has turned into a two-serve pitcher with immense success.

Brooks baseball

Snell also throws his slider at a slightly faster speed and slightly less tear, so it looks more like a cutter than a real slider. This allowed him to land more hits on the field as a whole, and when Snell is in the hitting zone, he can be untouchable. Whenever he fights, it usually happens because he bites the edges and picks up a high tone.

“The slider was harder than we’ve seen in the past,” Diamondbacks stop Nick Ahmed told reporters, including A.J. Cassawell from MLB.comafter Snell threw seven unsuccessful innings against Arizona last month. “When you have 96-98 high slope and angle, and you throw your passes very well out of speed, as he did tonight, it was a tough night for us.”

The Padres hope that Snell’s injury is minor and he can return to the rotation next weekend, although nothing has been set in stone yet. If he misses a lot of time, they will have serious problems, given their place in the standings and the state of the staff. If he does return, it looks like Snell regained his Cy Young form by becoming a two-serve pitcher.

“This is the best I’ve ever seen, Snell,” Angels manager Joe Maddon told Cassavell after Snell shut them down last week… “Well done. This is the best I’ve seen across the board. “

Boston’s shaky defenses


5’th of July Red sox beat the Angels to improve to 54–32 in the season, and unlock the season’s best 4.5 lead lead in East Albert. Since then, Boston has become the third-worst record in the American League and now competes with four other teams for two spots in the American League. It was a tough few weeks for BoSox.

In this difficult period, there is no shortage of those to blame. Boston’s rotation was generally unreliable, the bullpen squeezed out too many advantages, and the offense is not breaking games like it did at the start of the season. In addition, the Red Sox were fiercely defended. They were one of the worst defensive teams in baseball this year, if not v worst.

The outfielder became the first baseman on Monday Kyle Schwarber failed a regular ground ball and made the mistake of being third out of half. Instead, it gave the Mariners the opportunity to score three wounds. Seattle, the team that the Red Sox are trying to recapture because of the wildcard, won the game thanks to this rally after a mistake.

“As I always say, you give your opponents over 27 outs, most of the time they are going to take advantage,” Red Sox manager Alex Cora told reporters. including Chris Cotillo from MassLive.comafter Monday’s loss. “Right now, it seems, when we open a window or door, whatever you call it, they are taking advantage and we are paying the price.”

The Red Sox have allowed 77 unearned runs this season, second in baseball to the last-placed Diamondbacks (79). Their 36 unearned runs in the second half are the largest in the American League. According to various defensive statistics, Boston ranks among the worst defensive teams in the game this year. Figures coming into effect Tuesday:

  • Errors: 101 (2nd in the rating MLB; Marlins leads with 104 and Gemini is the only other team over 90)
  • Outputs Above Average: minus -37 (30th place in MLB; Red next worst at minus -28)
  • Protection efficiency: 0.658 (30th place in MLB rankings; second worst angels with 0.677)

Mistakes are not the best way to judge defense (you can’t make a mistake with a ball that you can’t reach), but I think we can all agree that making the second most mistakes in the league is a bad thing. You have the opportunity to field the ball, but you don’t. Doing this more often than all but one of the teams in the league, and that’s bad. Mistakes are part of the defense pie.

Defensive effectiveness is a fancy way of saying that the Red Sox converted only 65.8% of their goals into strikeouts. The league average is 69.6 percent. The difference between the Red Sox and the league average is one less ball than every 26 shots or so, which is roughly equal to one in every other game. It is very important.

Statcast’s above average results indicate that the Red Sox have below average defenders in three of their four domestic positions (Bobby Dahlbeck initially, Xander Bogerts shorter, Raphael Devers in third) and in one distant place (Alex Verdugo) any day. At the end of the season, you cannot change the squad, so in order for Boston to improve defensively, the guys from the squad now need to be better. At the moment, this is the only option.

“We’ve been fighting on the defensive all season,” Cora said to Cotillo… “We had some good stretches when we played well in defense. When we do this, most of the time it seems like we are winning games. This is pure profit. At this level, you have to defend well. ”

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