Yankees, the most valuable franchise in MLB, does not offer in-flight WiFi to players on crew planes

The Yankees are worth an estimated $6 billion and have the second highest payroll going into the 2023 MLB season at $267.9 million. What Sports Illustrated says they’re not spending money on is free Wi-Fi on the team plane.

New York Yankees members wishing to use onboard Wi-Fi while traveling across the country during the 162-game season must do so themselves.

“I think most of our players can afford it,” Yankees general manager Brian Cashman told Sports Illustrated.

The Yankees use Delta Air Lines when traveling, and the airline charges an estimated $9 per flight to use their Wi-Fi service. Sports Illustrated reported that onboard WiFi would cost approximately $40,000 over the course of a season for the entire team.

The Yankees are almost in a league of their own here, as the only other MLB team that lets its players pay for their own Wi-Fi is the Cincinnati Reds, according to the SI survey.

“I have T-Mobile, so I don’t have to worry,” Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge, who happens to be a spokesman for T-Mobile, told SI.

That means they get free Wi-Fi on Delta flights just like any other T-Mobile customer.

Some Yankees choose not to pay for in-flight WiFi because they felt they shouldn’t have to.

“I basically didn’t pay for it,” former Yankees pitcher Jameson Taillon told SI, although he added, “I would also say the Yankees fly in a pretty cool special plane with poker tables and stuff. I would take that over free wifi if I’m being honest.”

Other players in the league had a great reaction when they learned that the Yankees are not offering internet to their players while on the air.

Marlins star Jazz Chisholm laughed out loud, while Phillies outfielder Brandon Marsh noted to SI that not only do guys on the Yankees have to pay for Wi-Fi access on the plan, they also have to be clean-shaven.

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