Prisco’s Week 2 NFL picks, plus QB Power Rankings and NFC West tops Divisional Power Rankings

Week 1 is over and week 2 is only a day away. How great is the fall season? When the leaves start spinning and football becomes more familiar, we celebrate. “We,” unfortunately, does not include John Breach today; he takes a day off to review Joe Burrow clutch throw to win Vikings… So, I, Cody Benjamin, will bring you the latest NFL news.

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We have QB Power Ratings, Week 2 Predictions and more:

  1. Today’s Show: Week 1 Overreaction About Packers, The Saints, Eagles

Having recorded one week of football, Will Brinson hailed Brady Quinn See the Select Six NFL podcast for some of the overreactions early in the season. The guys argued:

  • Aaron Rogers fully invests in the success of Packers 2021
  • Jamis Winston legitimate MVP candidate
  • The Eagles are new favorites at NFC East

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2. Prisco’s choice: stunning the eagles. 49ers, Charging device edge Cowboys

Prisco’s dad is back (I’m not sure if Pete likes the nickname, but he is an senior writer here). And he has picks for each game of the 2nd week! Some of his most notable predictions are:

  • Accounts 29, Dolphins eighteen: Buffalo was terrible offensively last week, losing Steelers at home, but I think they bounce back as Josh Allen back on track. Tua Tagovailoa will not be able to keep up.
  • Eagles 23, 49ers 22: The Eagles are 8-1 versus the spread in the last nine against the 49ers, and I think that’s true in this case. Jalen Hurts another good day.
  • Chargers 35, Cowboys 30: Watch Justin Herbert and Duck Prescott the gunfight will be fun. The Chargers will be the team late to the defensive game to seal it.

3. QB Power rating: Tom BradyJamis Winston on the rise

CBS Sports Graphic

One week of football has undoubtedly changed the hierarchy of starting quarterbacks and veterans like Matt Ryan and Ben Rotlisberger falling off the board, and other big names such as Matthew Stafford and Jimmy Garoppolo climbing upstairs. Here are the 10 best of a summary of our week 2 QB:

  1. Patrick Mahomes
  2. Russell Wilson (+1)
  3. Tom Brady (+2)
  4. Aaron Rogers (-2)
  5. Duck Prescott (+2)
  6. Justin Herbert
  7. Josh Allen (-3)
  8. Matthew Stafford (+2)
  9. Lamar Jackson (-1)
  10. Kyler Murray (+1)

4. Cowboys, Washington Stock Watch: Duck Prescott is on fire.

Every week we summarize the best players on NFL Teams… On Wednesday, Jordan Dajani reviewed Risers and stops in Washington (hint: Terry McLaurin still elite!). Resident Cowboys expert Patrick Walker also intervened in America’s teamand he has none other than Duck Prescott as his top winner in Week 1:

To infinity and beyond. Any questions you might have regarding Prescott’s health are now sent to bed, as well as any speculation about potential rust in his first game after losing with an ankle fracture at the end of the season 333 days ago. The two-time pro bowler entered the field against GOAT and outplayed him at every turn – the only reason for Cowboys the loss is related to the missed strikes, which cost Dallas four points and uncharacteristic falls on Ceedee lamb this not only stopped the drive, but also gave Tom Brady additional possession and landing for Pirates

5. Division Ranking: NFC West Best of the Best

Getty Images

Jeff Kerr has reviewed every game of Week 1 to rank all eight NFL divisions… His top pick: NFC West, which entered the year as one of the upcoming competitions. Here’s Jeff’s view of the West and his overall ranking:

Let’s talk about the division that demonstrated its strength in the first week. Each team at NFC West won, and the division outnumbered its rivals by a score of 141–76. Three of the four games were double-digit winners – and in the fourth game, the San Francisco 49ers added 24 points in the fourth quarter before the match. Lions made a fierce return.

  1. NFC West
  2. AFC West
  3. AFC North
  4. NFC South
  5. AFC Vostok
  6. NFC East
  7. AFC South
  8. NFC North

6. Team 49 loses the starting rank due to an operation at the end of the season.

This is big news in both fantasy and the real world. Raheem Mostert had knee surgery it will cost him the remainder of 2021. Mostert’s injury history showed that he was always at risk of surviving a full season, but now he’s a rookie. Elijah Mitchell and Trey Sermon plan to take over the responsibility of transporting the balls to San Francisco. Maybe Kyle Shanahan will also include even more QB rookie Trey Lance to account for the absence of Mostert on earth.

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