Aaron Rodgers among aging QBs who struggled in Week 1: Examining who Father Time has caught up to

Underdogs ruled the NFL in Week 1, but will the trend continue? Plus, Packers plummet in latest power rankings

It used to be said over and over again that football is a game for young people. And for everyone Tom Bradyone could list hundreds of outstanding quarterbacks whose game was steadily falling, if not completely falling apart as we approached 40 years. Father Time. Sickle. Undefeated. (Except TB 12.) We’ve seen this in recent … Read more

Dan Marino turns 60: A look at the Hall of Fame QB’s five greatest moments during his Dolphins career

Dan Marino turns 60 A look at the Hall of

Peyton Manning took a seat in the front row on October 10, 1999. Colts protector, Manning watched as the idol of his childhood, Dolphins Quarterback Dan Marino designed a classic comeback that ended with a winning touchdown pass with 30 seconds remaining. Marino enjoyed the vintage performance, which was one of the last memorable moments … Read more