Washington stock up, stock down: Terry McLaurin’s forecast bright, rookie corner struggles

Washington football team lost its first season Los angeles chargers, 20-16. There were both good and bad moments on Sunday, but losing is a loss, and now Washington will have to sail on water without launching a quarterback. Ryan Fitzpatrick, who will be reportedly miss 6-8 weeks with a thigh injury.

Justin Herbert was great on Sunday as his offense was converted to 14 of 19 third downs. Also, thanks to the rookie left tackle Rushon Slaterthe pressure he experienced was minimal. Slater even ended up at the top CBS Sports Rookie Rankings! Washington’s offense had a few moments, but the Chargers won the battle for possession and Antonio Gibson the costly fuss, coupled with the failure of Washington’s defense to leave the field at the end of the fourth quarter, cemented Los Angeles’ victory.

This is just one game, and there is no reason to overreact when you lose. However, we can identify several players who have rallied and others who have lost their shares. Below we take a look at four players who made an impression in the first week and four who struggled.

Stock up on:

Terry McLaurin

I’m not sure what else we can say about McLaurin. He has established himself as one of the most talented successors in Nfl – and did so without having a single quarterback who could play well enough to maintain his starter status or stay healthy.

“If you want to be the best guy, you have to go out and play. It doesn’t matter if the fourth string is QB, ”McLaurin said on Tuesday: via JP Finlay from NBC Sports Washington

McLaurin didn’t cover the first week and didn’t even catch a pass in the first half. However, he ended up catching all four of his targets at 62 yards and also made this ridiculous catch.

I had high hopes for Fitzpatrick, but I still think Taylor Heinicke takeover would be a good thing for McLaurin. Like Fitz, he is a quarterback who clearly wants to play a big part in losing, and McLeurin has shown his ability to do just that. Of the strikers who played at least three goals for Washington on Sunday, McLaurin had top grade PFF from 78.6. Things will get better for him – as soon as this Thursday night against New York Giants

Logan Thomas

Like McLaurin, Thomas didn’t have a monster game in his first week, but his confidence is clear. Another reason its stock is soaring is because Curtis samuel’s an unfortunate injury that makes Thomas one of Washington’s top targets. The former quarterback caught all three of his goals at 30 yards in his first week, including Washington’s only touchdown:

Thomas caught five assists for 74 yards in his only start with Heinicke, and one would imagine his success would continue as the regular season progresses. Matthew Berry of ESPN noted that Thomas has now scored in four of the last seven regular season games. Everyone saw Thomas as a difficult end, with another year of his career in 2021, and I agree.

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Antonio Gibson

Granted, Gibson had a major setback with the Chargers, but the first week was a big deal for him. No, it wasn’t because of his 90 yards on the ground, but because of his five passing goals. In 2020, Washington used a two-way system, and although Gibson was a former successor, he received no response from Washington. Jay Dee McKissitch wore this hat for Washington, but he was only targeted once in a passing game. This is what the fantasy owners have been praying for – for Gibson to become the real, undeniable # 1 advocate. Fantasy aside, this should bode well for Washington in general, as Gibson has legitimate stellar potential.

During a recent interview with Tyler Dunn from “Go Long” Gibson said he heard the praise and hype around him, but he didn’t even get what he wanted in his first season in the NFL.

“It wasn’t a big deal for me,” Gibson said. “I just touch the water. There will be something special this year.

“This year there will be something special… ”

I think he’s right. It happens!

Bobby McCain

I thought McCain was one of the most underrated players Washington made this offseason because he brings versatility, experience and depth to the secondary. We only played one game and he really left his mark. Although they share representatives with Landon Collins and Kamren CurlMcCain topped all defensive positions with 69 points and finished with a PFF score of 75.3, finishing fourth in defense after three linebacks. It was impossible to watch the film and not notice McCain flying across the field. He’s a great addition to Washington, which has already made an impact.

Stock down:

Benjamin Saint-Just

On Sunday Saint Just was taken to church, where he received the baptism of fire. I like this perspective in many ways, but he has struggled with similar Keenan Allen, Mike Williams and Jared Cook – as many beginners would probably do.

The Chargers’ first ride in the second half will be the moment in cinematography when Saint-Just asks if he can go to the bathroom. In the third and 10th, Washington hit the coverage area, and it seemed Saint-Just was not fast enough to get the receiver lane safe, while Cook ran a deep track under him that ran 23 yards. … It was not an easy game, but Herbert saw something clearly and they started working on Saint-Just on the left side of the field.

Two games later, Herbert got Williams in singles against Saint-Just. Williams sold a good double move and Herbert sent a great ball, but a wide shot fell, which would have been a touchdown. Two more games later, the Chargers leveled Allen and Cook on the left, while Saint-Just and midfielder Cole Holcomb reflected them in explicit human reach. You could see Herbert practically drooling on the field when Allen ran out of line, leading to third and sixth. Saint-Just also turned down a winning touchdown in favor of Williams in the end zone, although the lighting was not terrible.

Saint-Just finished with the worst PFF rating (30.6) of any Washington defender with at least 10 clicks. It was undoubtedly a tough mission, but Washington saw it as a player who would come along and immediately influence the game. Goose Saint-Just is by no means cooked, but Sunday was not a big sight.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick’s stock is falling not only because he was injured, but more.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Fitzpatrick is expected to miss 6-8 weeks after suffering in the second quarter of the subluxation of the hip. The team is officially put him in an injured reserve Tuesday. Replaced by Heinicke, who instigated Washington’s attack: 11 for 15, 122 yards and a touchdown.

This offseason, Washington fought a “quarterback fight,” but it was always Fitzpatrick’s job. Now the door has opened for Heinike to steal said work. With this line-up and what we’ve already seen from the former Old Dominion star, will it surprise anyone if Heinike performs well? What happens when Fitzpatrick returns? I seriously doubt that Rivera would replace Heinike at Beard if he played well.

This is unfortunate because although Fitzpatrick played for nine teams, he never made a postseason match. That was about to change this year for one of the league’s most beloved players.

John Bostick

Bostic is a veteran leader who knows how to stop there. However, he is not very helpful in passing passes. Twitter Next Gen Stats caught social media attention last Sunday, which didn’t look too good for Bostic.

The Chargers faced third and 16th from their 12-yard line from 5:29 to the end of the game and four points higher. Herbert then converted a 17-yard pass to Allen for the first down. In this game, the Chargers’ chances of winning increased 16 percent, from 66 percent to 82 percent. Next Gen Stats also provides a visual representation of what happened in this game, and that doesn’t flatter the Washington defense.

As you can see, Washington is clearly in the coverage area. For some reason, Bostic was more worried about Cook’s hidden route than Allen flying right next to him. The wide star got to the first mark, Herbert hit it, and that was it. Some will try to blame McCain (20) for falling too deep, but I can imagine that this is his job as a free security. Just looking at this drawing, it seems that this is where Bostick should have been.

In addition, Bostic received a poor PFF rating of 46.1, the lowest of any Washington defender with at least 48 shots. Washington’s defense in the first week did run into trouble. They conceded 334 yards per pass, the highest since week 16 of the 2019 season.

Jay Dee McKissitch

While Gibson was up, McKissic fell. The former Detroit Lion was targeted 110 times in a pass last year and caught 80 balls for 589 yards and landed twice. Some have noted it as fantasy football sleeps in the PPR leagues, but after just one goal in the first week, those promoting this story are likely to leave the ship. McKissich was a solid player last season with 7.4 yards per reception, but with Gibson being his former successor, you have to go along with the decision that attack coordinator Scott Turner made.

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