Why Florida QB Anthony Richardson has what it takes to be the No. 1 pick in the 2023 NFL Draft

Sometimes something is so remarkable that an exception must be made to the rule.

And I’ve never singled out a college player who’s not draftable, but the skill set of red-haired Florida freshman quarterback Anthony Richardson is too seductive to miss the spotlight. Now.

He has shown # 1 talent in overall pick and feels like a mix of Cam Newton and Lamar Jackson. I’m serious.

Richardson and the Alligators have a colossal showdown with # 1 Alabama in a swamp at 3:30 pm ET on CBS. This is the first of many major barometer games in Richardson’s student career that will assess his manufacturing capabilities.

In two games this season, Richardson has made six of 11 assists for 192 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions. And he was incomprehensible on the ground – 11 carries for 275 with two more points, a ridiculous line of characteristics on the ground that includes runs for 73 and 80 yards.

Did I mention that Richardson is listed at 6ft 4 and 236lbs with a flare gun?

Let me show you what Richardson brings to the pitch in every game. Turn away if you are a protection enthusiast.

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Running mastery

Well, by now, in 2021, we’ve seen a fair share of big sports quarterbacks that are difficult to deal with because of the challenges they pose to potential players – think Newton, Josh Allen, Trevor Lawrence, Trey Lance, and Justin Herbert.

Richardson falls into this category – at a high level. He runs with more twitching than any of the above NFL quarterbacks, but can still throw the hammer with every shift. I mean, how do I stop this?

If you are asking yourself “what did I just watch?” don’t worry, I had the same thought too.

Pay attention not only to how outrageous the off-line jump shot was, but also to Richardson’s snatch. after is to blow up the field. Then two defenders herded him into a corral. Or they thought it was. He stepped aside from the first potential attacker, carried the next one aside, humming Jay-Z’s song “On To The Next One” in his head. Then, to get past everything, a successful obstacle – essentially not having time to pick up steam – to get down first.

As if that weren’t enough, here is Richardson, eluding a free outside dash, accelerating through space before finishing at full speed through a Florida defender in the Atlantic Ocean past the putters.

The initial movement in this game was, again, really bizarre, and the level of turn and the speed with which it turned in the second was reminiscent of a Formula 1 car driving on a winding road.

If you’re a skeptic at heart, you might understand that Richardson is fast for his size, but assume that he is probably not that fast due to all the mass he carries. This assumption would be wrong.

At the end of the FAU throttling, Richardson left it on another seemingly harmless zone read. All he needed was one block he got and, yes, he left.

But maybe it was too easy, right? The driving block really made its way down the giant treadmill. I secured Richardson’s 73-yard landing against the FAU and will give you an 80-yard finish last week against South Florida. Much harder.

Richardson brushed off an attacker in his grill just behind the line of battle, effortlessly straining in defense in the 35th minute, and then it was time for a house call.

Weapon talent

Richardson has seen several planned open receptions in his 11 passing attempts in two games – and he’s undoubtedly a rough passer like a red-shirt rookie – but he made the most of his shooting opportunities.

Here against FAU, a light wrist move, and that’s 35 yards down the field up and over the bottom cornerback for a splash game.

Then last week against South Florida, he put a couple of cents on tape. Both added flair thanks to his athletic ability. In the first, Richardson feigned a thoughtful run and then launched the ball 40 yards, nearly dodging a pass when a defender hit him in the front thigh.

Great game, right? But not phenomenal. This was the next bucket toss. After sliding to the right and feeling an approaching edge dash, Richardson swam to the left and was met by a pair of forward seven defenders. When they bumped into him, Richardson released the ball deep into the field. He landed superbly over a full-back and fell into the hands of his recipient shortly before he ran out of bounds.

Now what was the definition of hand talent.

Richardson did set up his hamstring against South Florida on an 80-yard touchdown, but Head coach Dan Mullen delivered “favorable news” on his stellar backup on Tuesday., hinting that the injury was minor and that the hulking quarterback would be training in the week leading up to the clash with Alabama.

Nick Saban and Crimson Tide have beaten many talented quarterbacks over the past 15 years. But Richardson has good reason to believe that he is the most physically gifted. He will not be eligible until 2023. NFL Draft… However, I have a feeling that these gifs have now crashed into your brain and can be easily remembered next year.

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